What can Bitcoin teach us about how to understand the world around us?

Bitcoin Worldview is a series of Zoom calls where we start with the most basic things we can reasonably know. We will then examine how to build a solid worldview, block by block. Be ready to have your assumptions tested (verified) and to help others do the same in engaging conversations.

Format is a bi-weekly 100 min. Zoom call and will always include live interaction – see list of example topics. The Zoom call is recorded and shared as a Podcast.


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Topics and speakers will be announced on a weekly basis, but here are a few examples:

  • Fixed truth Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million. Does absolute and fixed truth exist?
  • How do we know? – Bitcoin is a communication protocol of distributed decentralized databases. Bitcoin also has the slogan of “Don’t trust. Verify.” Is communication possible and how (if at all) can we trust the knowledge that we acquire through our senses?
  • Math Behind the Matter – Those that dive into Bitcoin are usually surprised to discover how deep and far reaching implications it has on human life and environment. Bitcoin is software, information, math, and cryptology, and yet it is already starting to describe a new and updated physical future for human flourishing. Surprisingly, math is effective in describing and predicting developments in our physical world. Why is that? Why does nonmaterial math work in describing matter?
  • Morality basis – Those convinced of Bitcoin claim it is better money. What is your basis for morality?


Bitcoin Worldview is on Twitter as @btcworldview

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